Less is More

Here are the results of the short 65-foot test I shot. The image is still jittering, but doesn’t the spring weather in Michigan look great?

I did make some adjustments to the camera after shooing this test, and another 300 feet of footage are on their way to the lab. There’s another 500 feet for me to shoot after that, and I’m going to keep testing SN 2708 until the jittering problem is solved.

Expect the Unexpected

Thanks to better than expected weather and an unexpected family trip I was able to shoot another two-hundred foot test today. I adjusted and oiled SN 2708 after my second test and the camera operated even more smoothly than before.

I have not been trying to tell a story with the shots I’ve been taking for the two most recent camera tests. I’ve focused on getting SN 2708 properly tuned and the shots I’ve taken have all been short snippets of events. From this point on I am concentrating on shooting footage in coverage that can be assembled into short actualities to be presented on this site.

I’m still waiting on the second test to return from the lab. The footage should arrive this week.

Test and Test Again

The winter weather brought my work with SN 2708 to a complete halt, but today I finally made it out for a second camera test. My test was interrupted by two severe snow squalls. At times the outdoors looked like the inside of a snow globe, but between the squalls I was able to expose a test of 75 feet of black and white film.

I formed the film loop on the camera a little larger for this test and I hope this will cure the jittering seen in the previous test. I doubt that it will and I am still looking for a mechanical cause to the problem.

Today’s shoot reinforced two things I’ve written before: this camera needs a should strap or carrying handle and I need to add a riser to my tripod so the winding crank can make a full rotation.

The footage is off to the lab tomorrow. I’ll share the results when they arrive. I’m also sending more film to be spooled down so I can shoot additional tests as the weather improves.

Write What You Know

Hints 2

The polar vortex is upon me. For several weeks the weather where I live has alternated between sub zero temperatures and heavy snow. All of my production activities have come to a halt, including the second camera test I had planned.

I’m using my time inside to organize my editing bench and my film production books. While sorting through my materials I rediscovered the booklet pictured above. It was purchased eighteen months ago at an antiques show in Milan, Ohio and dates from 1923. I thought it was lost during my move last year.

I’m using SN 2708 to make documentaries that often require detailed prose treatments. I don’t have a project to edit right now, so I’m going to develop a written scenario for one of my films over the next few months using the hints in this booklet. I hope to have something completed in the next few weeks for production in the spring.